Resakss annual conference will focus on improving Africa’s nutrition 

By Andrew Wangili 

On 18-20 October, 2016, the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)  in  partnership with  Africa Union Commission(AUC)  will hold  the annual Resakss conference  at Labadi Beach Hotel , Accra, Ghana. The conference brings together  policymakers, development partners, researchers, advocacy groups, farmers’ organizations, private sector, and other key stakeholders from within and outside Africa to promote, review and dialogue on the CAADP implementation agenda. This year’s conference theme is “Achieving a Nutrition Revolution for Africa: The Road to Healthier Diets and Optimal Nutrition.”

The conference will also unveil the 2015 Annual Trends and Outlook Report(ATOR) which examines the  challenges  and opportunities on linking agriculture and food systems to nutrition and how to leverage various nutrition initiatives for rapid progress . 

The conference will generate shared understanding of the latest evidence on Africa’s nutrition status,how  to address nutrition challenges and leverage opportunities  for better nutrition outcomes to meet set nutrition targets for countries,and actions needed to further advance the CAADP implementation agenda. 

The conference is also expected to produce  shared lessons and experiences regarding: Planning and execution of agriculture Joint Sector Reviews (JSRs) , in particular critical success factors and required steps in transitioning to more comprehensive, inclusive, and robust JSR modalities and preparing for biennial reviews.

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