Mandera Pastoralists to sell livestock to Government 

Pastoralists from Mandera are a happy lot  after the kenyan government announced that it will use sh 600 million through Kenya meat ccommission to buy livestock from them. Given that livestock is the main activity for many households in North and Eastern parts of kenya and pastoralists find it  difficult to  access ready markets for live animals, meat and meat products , it is a laudable initiative from the government which will help mandera pastoralists earn decent  income from the sale of their animals and use the money to buy food, clothing, fodder and other things. 

Apart from lack of markets, drought is a major threat to animals and humans leading to death of animal,  severe hunger and malnutrition among many households in mandera including Turkana, Marsabit, Garissa and Wajir. 

The county government of Mandera has come up with measures to shield pastoralists from drought such as issuing fodder to households in the county. According to Roba, the governor of Mandera County ,   next week 35, 000 bales of fodder would be supplied to communities in phase one of the project to offer support.He also added county government would double the number of water boosters in the area to increase access to water for people and animals.

The county government has also partnered with the World bank to vaccinate animals in the county. Roba said with the support of the World Bank, the county government has completed a vaccination drive for over 700, 000 livestock in the county.

These measures will go along way to improve the quality of livestock kept by pastoralists and fetch higher income for them as well as enhance their standard of living. 


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