Must do’s for a successful job interview 

It was on 5th January 2017, I was bored and very many thoughts criss-crossed my mind -I was deep in thoughts inquiring myself why none of my application letters gets a job interview. 

I remember vividly that I had applied for knowledge management officer position at Kenya Revenue Authority on 25th October 2016. Two months had elapsed, I was in total despair. 

 As I checked my email, there was an email whose subject got my eye and I was curious to read further. The subject was ‘ invitation for oral interview’. 

The message was very clear that I should acknowledge whether I will attend the interview at Kenya Revenue Authority offices in Nairobi, Times towers for knowledge management officer position on 13th January 2017. 

Without wasting time, I acknowledged my presence for the interview. Joy filled my heart and thanked Almighty for such an opportunity. 

What followed was that I came up with an interview strategy that will help me win the interview. The interview strategy was based on the qualifications and responsibilities of knowledge management officer highlighted in the job advert as well as my work experience, skills and education background. 

To ensure that my strategy is effective, I performed a personal strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats analysis to determine what are my key skills, education, knowledge and experience in knowledge management. 

The Swot analysis revealed the following :

  • I have a degree in information science with a knowledge management option. 
  • I have experience in communication and knowledge management from International Livestock Research Institute and Regional strategic analysis and knowledge support system for East and central Africa. 
  • I have experience in library management systems such as koha and dspace. 
  • I have developed and managed both virtual and physical communities of practice. 

Then I compared what the analysis revealed and what knowledge management officer position at Kenya Revenue Authority required. I was amazed that I was fit for the job. Immediately I encountered a rapid paradigm shift and refocused my energy towards the goal. 

My strategy entailed having at my fingertips my previous work experience in communication and knowledge management, second a list of questions that focus on ‘how’to enable me think of how I will use my previous work experience to help Kenya Revenue Authority.Third was to be well-groomed and make a first impression to the panel. Fourth time management. 

D-day for the interview reached, I had previously leaked this secret to my family members and all of them prayed and wished me success in the interview. I remembered my strategy and made sure I was well-groomed and a copy of my resume, original identity card and certificates are parked before leaving my house in kahawa west. 

I left early because Jubilee delegates were meeting at kasarani and I feared traffic delay, although the interview was at 2pm.

I arrived at Times Towers at 12:50 pm and waited for the interview from 23rd floor office. I was alone for about 30 minutes then two beautiful ladies joined me. We shared knowledge and exchanged contacts for future consultation. 

A young pretty looking lady came in where we were and called my name. It was my turn to face the interviewing panel. Fear attacked me immediately and a cold sweat trickled down my body. But I responded by rebuking the enemy of progress quietly in my heart and said to myself, You fear, there is no room for you in my heart. , and I walked alongside the young lady who l later found out that she is the human resource person. 

The panel consisted of four people :Naliaka, human resources, Jane, innovation department, korir chief knowledge officer and Musyoka, customs department. 

I received a cordial reception from the panelists and the interview kicked off with introductions, followed by questions which focused on myself, skills, experience and how questions. 

During the interview, I had mastered the names of each of the panelists and I was comfortable responding to questions and using the panelists as examples in my answers. 

I also had a set of my questions which I asked the panel. 

Have you been invited for any interview and you are stuck? From my experience, succeeding in an interview requires planning and preparations as highlighted in this article. 


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