What constitutes a bad network cabling company 

We have a plethora of network cabling companies out there offering variety of services including cable installation. The question is how do  you know this is a bad cabling company? 

The best way to know a bad cabling company is to assess products, services, employees and compare this with other similar companies 

A bad company will show the following 

Low quality products and services 

The first issue of concern is the products and services offered by a cabling company. You need to know that computers are connected to a network and peripherals via ethernet cables. These cables come in various variety and different bandwidths.Cat 3 Ethernet Cables support data and voice at 10MB.

Cat 5 Ethernet Cables support voice and 10/100MB data

Cat 5E Ethernet Cables are divided into higher grade Cat 5 Cable which are suitable for 10/100MB,  while Gigabit Ethernet cables are immune to cross-talk. 

Cat 6 Ethernet Cables are  higher gauge wired cable similar to Cat 5E cable but  superior to Cat 5E a nd are suitable for Gigabit Ethernet connection. 

Therefore, carefully scrutinize the products by looking at their website 

Products and services page. Or visit them physically and check those Ethernet cables. If the company does not have any of these cables or the cables they sell are cat 3 Ethernet cables, that is a warning. 

Inadequate product and applications knowledge 

Your organization has developed an order for the network equipment and you are sent to purchase. You approach the company sales department and they sell you the products without asking you questions or answering yours. Will you even purchase or recommend it to another person. The difference here is that employees of the company do not understand the network equipment and how those products are used.This is attributed to lack of training in computer networking and information technology. Hence without the knowledge of products, employees can not understand the needs of customers and offers poor services. 

Poor customer service 

Customer service varies from one organization to another. Many factors determine a good customer service including knowledge of the product, technology and personality.to determine a customer service of company, be close attention to its customers relation representatives. If a customer relation representative talkes to you rudely and not willing to help you locate a particular office. This may mean they don’t value you and can’t transact with you. 

Another aspect of poor customer service is the speed of the services.if  a customer takes a lot of time to pay for the product or their complaints are never handled. 

Higher prices 

Every customer looks at prices of products before making a move, although some factors like quality of products, reputation of the company are crucial. To determine price, look at how competitors offering similar services are pricing their products. If the price is very close, then its ok but when the price for the same product is higher in one company, that is a warning. 

No track record 


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