How can I assess cabling at work? 

Your company has acquired a new place in town or expanding. It is clear that the company must either strengthen or change the existing cabling. 

A cabling system underpins  your critical mission applications. It greatly affects the performance of your network, it makes the network perfom very low or high, consequently affecting your business, employees taking too long to transfer and download files . 

However, you have little knowledge in cabling coupled with zero experience in the same . You cannot assess your cabling, right! Then how can you do this? 

The answer is simple hire a cabling company or a professional network cable installer to perform a comprehensive assessment of the cabling system. 

The company you select must be experienced and knowledgeable in networking and installation and testing of cabling, an impeccable track record ,look at the portfolio of their clients and testimonials, and certified. This will ensure that you get high quality work. 

What does cabling analysis entail? 

Now that you have the company ready to work. the first task is to inspect your existing cabling and test it.The inspection looks at whether the cables are outdated, mismatched or poorly installed, capacity and bandwidth.

 After inspection, testing of the cables follow. Testing of cables need to be done with the high quality testing equipment to help you know the cabling system capacity. so ensure the company or professional cable installer you entrust the assignment with have best testing equipment. A proper test will reveal the following :
Whether the cables comply with standards such as ANSI/TIA/EIA. 

ANSI/TIA/EIA are standards designed to support manufacturing of cables, installation and testing. 

The capacity and bandwidth of the cables. 

The electrical characteristics of the cable and whether the cabling is affected by other electrical devices.

 While testing of cabling system is successfully completed, the company helps you decide whether to upgrade the existing cabling or install a new one. 

For instance, if your decision is to install a new cabling system. There are some considerations you can not make alone but with the help of an expert because they have huge impact on your network performance. 
Key considerations before installing cable

Look for abandoned cables. The fire rated cable in the ceiling when heated may cause fire while also releasing toxic substances that are dangerous to employees health and safety. Why put yourself and employees at risk? Remove those abandoned cables.

Know options for cabling available 

Although there are many categories of cables offered by networking vendors such as fibre,cat6, cat6a and cat5e,the size of your business will determine which bandwidth is needed. Cables in the category of cat5e are good for small businesses and you can easily upgrade it to a higher bandwidth. Cat6 cables are good when you are planning to expand the business in future and can handle Gigarbite Ethernet. Fibre cabling are suitable for high speed data transmission over longer distances. Moreover, ensure that the cable you choose is designed by a Registered communication distribution designer. 


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